Tiny Dancers I Section A

Tiny Dancers I Section B

Tiny Dancers II Section A

Tiny Dancers II Section B

Core I

Core II

Core III

Core IV

Core V

The Best Things - Tiny Dancers I (A) Tap
Don't Worry Be Happy - Tiny Dancers I (A) Ballet
Crazy Little Thing - Tiny Dancers II A
Million Little Miracles - Tiny Dancers II A
I Can't Help Myself - Tiny Dancers I (B)
Sunshine On My Shoulders - Tiny Dancers I (B)
Feels Good To Be Me - Core II Tap
Love Song - Core I Ballet
Keeps Lifting Me Higher - Core I Tap
It's A Beautiful Day - Core I Jazz
It's Not Unusual - Tiny Dancers II B
Walking On Sunshine - Tiny Dancers II (B)
Here Comes The Sun - Core II Ballet
Shall We Dance
I Feel Good - Core III Tap
Pennies From Heaven - Core IV Tap
Dime Store Cowgirl - Core IV Jazz
God Really Loves Us - Core IV Ballet
Missing Piece - Core V Tap

Hip Hop I

Hip Hop II

Hip Hop III

Pom I

Pom II


Clogging I

Clogging II

Clogging III

You Make My Dreams Come True - Clogging I
Somedays You Gotta Dance - Clogging II
The Nights - Pom II 1
Smoke On The Water - Pom III
What A Wonderful World - Pom I
A O K - Hip Hop II
Been About It - Hip Hop III
Joyful - Hip Hop I
Someone To You - Clogging III

Lyrical Solo

Tap Duet

Tap Solo

Contemporary Solo

Clogging Solo

Senior Number

Opening Number

Track Name
Take Me Back - Senior Number
Real Thing - Solo (Anna Crawford)
Good Morning - Duet (Brie & Charis Sorensen)
Dog Days Are Over - )Renae Cowgill)
Over The Rainbow - Solo (Charis Sorensen)
What A Wonderful World - Opener 1
momma told me - Maggie & Mollie
Flowers In My Hair - Core IV Contemporary
Joy Of The Lord - Core V