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Francisca Coyle

Francisca Coyle

Francisca Coyle

Francisca Coyle

Francisca Coyle

Francisca Coyle

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Our mission is to educate students about both the dance world and the real world. We want to encourage the students to be strong, confident, and hardworking. We want to lead by example and teach the students to be a light to those around them. Our goal is to turn our students into well-rounded dancers in strength, technique, and flexibility. We will expose the students to all types of dance to help each student to have a firm education of dance and be able to apply this to all aspects of life. 

Meet our


Meet Mackenna Chapman! Mackenna is the Program Director/ Head Teacher for Grace Dance Company. She has been a studio dancer for over 18 years and has taught a variety of dance classes in past years. She has been a competitive dancer since she was 12 years old, including both studio and being selected for a competitive college team and other all star teams. Her technical studio experience and passion for dance has equipped her with the knowledge and training to teach our students. She has a deep love for dance and teaching it to others. Mackenna feels that dance has greatly impacted her life and has helped shape her into who she is today. She is excited to instill the lessons that she has learned from dance in the future Grace Dance Company Students.


Miss Mackenna

Program Director  & Head Teacher 


Miss Morgan

Dance Teacher

Morgan Chapman is one of our teachers here at Grace Dance Company.  She enjoys tap, clogging, and contemporary dance the most. Morgan is entering her senior year of high school.  She has been in dance since she was 3 years old! She has danced on several competition teams, competed in the Bill Riley Talent Search with tap duets and trios for several years, advancing to the Iowa State Fair. She is trained in tap, clogging, jazz, contemporary, ballet, and hip hop.  She looks forward to getting to know all the students here at Grace Dance Company!

Shawna Chapman is the Studio Director at Grace Dance Company.  Shawna will be available to help with all aspects of the studio.  She has coached various dance and cheerleading teams over the last 20 years in addition to being an experienced Dance Mom for the last 16 years!

If you have any questions or concerns
she is here to help! Shawna looks forward
to take what she has learned over the past several years and pass that on to our new dance family here at Grace Dance Company!



Studio Director

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